Beachtown Square

Beachtown Square

One would be harder to find a more cuter beach town center than we have ride here at linda hall park, otherwise known as time square center. I took this photograph on a light traffic day, as usually this place is a lot more filled up. There are inflows of the crowds all day and of course when they play their nightly music concert, that brings everybody out to congregate in this area.

Directly next to the big clock tower is the Fishing Pier and the main beach area where everybody goes for Spring Break and every other day of the week. It is a pleasure to take a vacation and stay in such a fine zone where so much is to do just walking or using your cheap beach bicycle cruiser. There are a bunch a different places to lock your bicycles within one hundred feet of the clock, mainly some of the coconut trees that are off to the left or the right that are not in everybody's way.

We do it every time, lock up our bikes and then we walk around this area with our camera and our visa card for the cool shops like the Pier Peddler or Local Color. I like the fact that they have free parking after six pm when the parking meters are free, which is nice for the nightlife crowd. I think the best time to come out is probably about an hour before sunset when it's cooled off and you still have a good amount of daylight for swimming and the beach walk, and then shortly thereafter you get the wonderful sunset.

The nightlife kicks in rather quickly and it's mainly locals and those that are staying out here in the gulf front suites or maybe the Gullwing condo complex. It's a lot more fun to be in this area so you can walk down here and enjoy some cocktails and not have to get back on the road and deal with the traffic. Book a vacation and you will be right here to enjoy all of this good stuff like Times Square!
Petra C.

Times Square

950 Estero Boulevard
Fort Myers Beach FL 33931
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