Baloo the Bear

Baloo the Bear

Kids love Orlando as even the weekdays are loaded with entertainment options. Every young child will want to dance for a few seconds with party-hearty bear baloo. We so much love the song the bare necessities as sung by baloo the bear. This is a very good way to get some excellent photographs with the Disney characters.

I like these photos which are it is not planned, like the photos with Mickey Mouse greeting lines. It just happens in a hurry and there is no waiting in line. Because the photos are so important to us, we go a bit early and find a spot with the sun at the backs for the best photography angle.

The parades are a lot of fun with great memories captured of your family with your camera. There is an cat adoption happening now. To clarify, we are looking for fosters for the kittens.
Crystal S.

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Big Bear

I love bears and cats but, we still have no foster for calvin and norden. They were adopted as kittens last November. Being returned because child is allergic.

She says they are very bonded and are always laying together and cuddling. I have four groups already and a cat who pees all over our carpet and couch when other adults are in the house. Can anyone help?

Debra I.

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