Voices of Historic Markers

Voices of Historic Markers

The partnership with the Monroe County historic preservation program has been excellent for us old stuff junkies. Be sure to see the old photos of the properties in the preservation program. Anyone can get involved as we continue to promote historic preservation keys-wide. We appreciate your continued support and interest in preserving our heritage.

Checking out the historical places around the city is one of the better things to do during the day when you try to get some fitness exercise in. A lot of people like to do the walking tours, which are really good, but keep you in a confined area of a mile or two.

With the bicycles get a chance to see just about everything you could possibly want to in a day. Make sure you go by and look at the Presidential Gates which are not far from this location. Duval Street is loaded with goodies even some of the stuff you would not think as historical such as the Hogs Breath Saloon.
Ignacio R.

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Historical Places

Take a close look at the walls and there is history loaded up for you ready for you to absorb. I would recommend to people the Key West Courthouse and the Schooner Western Union.

Hope you are better over there. I am thinking about naming the little gray six-toed kitty, sour cream. I poured it out today by the oak trees and later found him licking it up big time. Sour cream seems like a good kitty name to me. I can pet him now plenty, plus he does a lot of unique things like wobbling. He is a nice one.

Millard Q.

Joseph Porter Mansion

429 Caroline Street
Key West FL 33040

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