Shopping for Mickey Mouse made Easy

Shopping for Mickey Mouse made Easy

The fun starts as you pull into the free parking lot. We do like the sign that they have in front of the parking lot that rotates comments. I would assume that type of thing we go main stream all over the attractions of Florida. I always love coming here and end up with something that has Mickey Mouse on it, like coffee mugs and shot glasses.

We so much like the Disney Mall, and spent quite a bit of time here. The lucky people are the ones that book their reservation in one of the Disney Springs area hotels. It is really nice for your non-theme park time, to be close to this activity area.

It is free to come over here walk around and enjoy the whole environment. This is the place where they have the Cirque du Soleil, the acrobatic show. The best thing to do is go over and watch the Lion King show at Animal Kingdom park, which will really get you psyched up to see a performance of acrobats like no other.
Columbus M.

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Disney Mall

The kids will love and enjoy the Arcade Center that is named DisneyQuest. This is an Indoor Theme Park, that has all sorts of goodies to do without the sunlight hitting you all day long. I love the theme parks, but you better take a Big Hat and keep it on all day to keep yourself not looking like a fried chicken wing!

New Disney Springs Restaurants are happening. Not all are super expensive. The only other pizza blaze in our zone is in Sarasota, but we will see the one in Lake Buena Vista. Perhaps we can stop on the way back from Cocoa Beach.

Tony K.

Disney Springs

1490 East Buena Vista Drive
Lake Buena Vista FL 32830

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