What about the Historical Sightseeing

What about the Historical Sightseeing

Our trips to the Florida Keys are just the greatest. We love all the historic stuff, outdoors, nature, and the water. Everything is always changing, but the historic landmarks always stay the same. The Oldest House is something we always stop by and check out. Here you can ponder the days gone by. The Old Island Restoration Foundation has done a wonderful job maintaining the integrity of this museum.
Drew N.

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Great things to see and do

This island is packed with great things to see and do. Some of the special places that we recommend to visitors are as follows: (1) Fort Zachary Taylor (2) Mallory Square (3) Turtle Kraals (4) Presidential Gates (5) Mel Fisher maritime (6) Martello Gallery (7) Robert Frost Cottage (8) Ernest Hemingway House (9) Richard Peacon House (10) Truman Little White House.

Joy J.

Free tour of the Oldest House

It is nice that the island has a lot of free exhibits like this. You do not have to spend money every minute of the day. Most of the sightseeing is walking distance from the City Center. The rewards of walking are the restaurants, as this town has Food and Cocktails down to perfection.

Therese W.

Oldest House Museum

322 Duval Street
Key West FL 33040

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