Live Music Bar

Live Music Bar

Fantastic it is for sightseeing outside and dinner inside! You cannot find a better band for Live Music in Key West. What fun is seeing the nightly band playing during and after the Mallory Square Sunsets, What a special treat.

This is one to do, so my list of Fun Things to Do is huge! From the outside you see a giant building and then when you go inside you'll be amazed at the Cuban Food options. This is a menu to get all of the favorites, and be more creative than just get in the Black Beans and Rice.

I have to admit the black beans are excellent because they cook him so slow to get the spices going big time. I like to order something that I cannot pronounce very well, even though the menu is in Spanish and in English.
Trenton B.

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Party in the Night

Great place is the Key West Music Bar Party! This party here starts up at about the same time the Sunset Celebration ends, many of those just walk right over to the bar. Dancing to the tunes is the way to wind down late in the evening! It is the same exact zone, Mallory Square Key West.

Garland G.

Give the Cook our Best Regards

We had a fine meal and very tasty dishes: Bistec de Pollo Empanisado (breaded chicken breast steak) and Empanadas (chicken beef or spinach).

Hung F.

Authentic Key West Cooking

This is one of the better places to go for tropical dining. I like the restaurants that have authentic key west cooking styles. Get a Key West Pale Ale with your dinner.

Dolores M.

Pepe's Music Bar

410 Wall Street
Key West FL 33040

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