Reward Yourself with Hospitality

Reward Yourself with Hospitality

Citywide sightseeing is so good for personal fitness, vacations are go, go, go. Being right down in the main zone is sweet, having a bike for transportation is still a sure thing. Get to so much good stuff and this city is very active. When you book a vacation in the Southernmost Island, all the activities available make up for the hotel price.

Key West is a unique destination with a diverse local community, so we love it year after year. We picked a really nice rental unit, where the hosts of the guesthouse are outstanding.

Plan on big fun, and it is not inexpensive relative to the value. I had fun in this town and stopping back at the home base rental unit was nice to refresh. Here you get sweet accommodations for your dollars.
Shane O.

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Inexpensive Relative to the Value

Key West may be Florida but it really is very unlike any other part, plus all of the Bicycle Riding. I think it is the coolest winter retreat for couples. I would recommend from January to end of December, anytime is good.

The local weatherization people came today and this hotel is super cool. I now have twelve inches of insulation in the attic. They did a bunch of other things too. I can use the air conditioner to keep you cool when you visit! Plan on nice and cool at stu's, much better than cape coral. You can count on cool.

Raphael R.

Atlantis House

1401 Atlantic Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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