Thomas Street Restaurant and Bar

One of the things we found just the best in the Florida Keys are the the restaurants. Oh my goodness, does each restaurant try to top the other right across the street. No better place to see this in action is down in Old Town, where you get some of the classic island style cafes that feature breakfast early and later Live Music that lasts late into the night. We love this place!
Kristi L.

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Jerk Chicken Sandwich Restaurant

The Jerk Chicken Sandwich is right on the money here and the perfect lunch. I love the vibe and the boneless chicken breast tenderized in herb marinade, which gives it the special taste. The hot chicken is served on a bakery roll with lettuce, red onion, cheese and tomato.

Ila M.

One of the Island's Top Breakfast Restaurants

We always start our day on the island with a good egg omelet and this is a nice choice and the french coffee shop next door is great too.

Mohammed O.

Locals Bar

My first trip to Key West, I started rounding up the chickens on Duval Street. I have no problem with the sounds. I think it adds to the uniqueness of the keys. The roosters chickens were left to roam free, and nature took its course. I can remember waking up to the sound of roosters at The Cafe and I always found it to be soothing.

Jodie N.

Blue Bar Heaven

729 Thomas Street
Key West FL 33040

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