Well preserved Old Keys military architecture

Well preserved Old Keys military architecture

You just have to mix everything up when you come down here to Key West. Do some historic stuff, switch to some water-based activities, his fine restaurant, and of course in the day in the bars. The sunset celebrations are given so plan on that. But all during the daylight hours the places to be and see are the great Museums like East Martello.
Elliott P.

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Neat Stuff we enjoyed on Vacation

Thought provoking is the best way to describe the tour. You will get a rare glimpse into the way in was on the island. Super for family fun and children will enjoy the tour too.

Branden M.

We are here to Defend the Island

This city was all about being a port. Ports moved merchandise, which is where the money was made during this time frame. Everything was about making money!

Janell N.

East Martello Museum

3501 South Roosevelt Boulevard
Key West FL 33040

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