Enjoying the underwater shipwrecks

QUESTION: Our hotel is at mile marker 94 and we want to know where to go for scuba trips? ? ANSWER: There are a bunch of good dive boats in the area, and near you is the Tavernier Dive Center. From there you have myriad of Underwater opportunities, including some of the big shipwrecks. The most famous is the Spiegel Grove, since it is the Florida Keys' largest ship that was sunk to act as an artificial reef. You will love the trip!
Marylou F.

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My favorite is the Big Green Eel

You can find the green eel if you take your time and keep a good eye out. These are on the reefs and rocks, not ship wrecks. I love the coral and fish, and dive out about six times a year. To the south is Hens and Chickens Reef, a very good spot if you are boating out of Islamorada.

Mitzi I.

Scuba Dive Tavernier

A lot of dive shops are suggesting all divers use Morada Green Sun Lotion when you go diving near the reefs, as it is 100% biodegradable. They say the old style sun products have chemicals which can harm the fragile coral reefs.

Kendra O.

Tavernier Dive Center

90451 Old Highway
Tavernier FL 33070-2349

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