Fun in the Upper Florida Keys

Fun in the Upper Florida Keys

Just about every minute you spend outdoors down here, you are always on the lookout for wildlife. They run around on land and you see even more when you peak Underwater! We have had some really nice vacation experiences and would recommend Key Largo big time!!! This is a town to explore by boat, but also on the bicycle. It is our pleasure to take a vacation a couple months of the year. Big thanks to the Visitor's Center, the staff is so helpful.
Camilla I.

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Tips on all things Key Largo

We like to stop at the Marlin Restaurant in Key Largo for the Cuban Food. Yes, the menu has all the classics. My top pick is the Pan con Lechon Sandwich (shredded roast pork on cuban bread). Located at 102770 Overseas Highway or mile marker 103.

Ramon W.

Finding the Discounts on the Reef Charters

At the main harbor or port, they have a bunch of boats that have to compete on price. We found the best deals on the snorkel trips to the reefs are offered there. Our pick was the Keys Diver, as the catamaran boats are just a bit too slow.

Dana W.

Fun in the Upper Florida Keys

Those commercials on Key West always gets me. Welcome to the Florida Keys! They target Floridians that can take advantage of the hotel marketplace for our latest travel deals! The TV Commercials on the Keys have me itching to hit the road again! Holiday Inn has been offering 15% off their Hotels if you book between August and December.

Isaac K.

Getting into the Vacation Experience

The Visitor Center offers information about the entire Florida Keys and not only the Tavernier and Key Largo areas. Brochures and maps are available for RV accommodations, attractions, beer specials, diving and snorkeling.

Emanuel I.

Tourism Center

106000 Overseas Highway
Key Largo FL 33037

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