Boating locations on the Overseas Highway

Boating locations on the Overseas Highway

Launch your boat here, and you will be very happy with your boating day. This is home to some of the Florida Keys most Scenic islands. You can circle the perimeter of Islamorada, thus enjoying both bayside backcounty and open ocean views. Our day was naturally high on fun!
Bernice A.

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Boating locations on the Overseas Highway

If you can go offshore (weather rules the water down here) then the best target is typically the Dolphin Fish (mahi-mahi not Flipper type). They are very tasty and extrememly colorful to look at, with lots of yellow, blue, and greens. Best to go with trolling or live bait fishing. Restaurants feature them all over town.

Carrie R.

Lignumvitae Key Park for Boaters

Go to a neat Offshore Island there in Islamorada called Lignumvitae Key. Yes, known for its Tropical Hardwood Hammock. The place is gorgeous and a true representation of life on an island.

Wendell P.

Kayaking for the Yellow Snapper

The Kayaks that have the fishing poles are the way to go. Catch your dinner and then take it to the Hungry Tarpon so they can Cook Your Catch!

Jacqueline C.

Indian Key Fill Ramp

79500 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33036
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