Watch the Cruise Ships

Watch the Cruise Ships

Could there possibly be a better place to see the cruise ships come by on the way to the port canaveral docks? ? This is outstanding, and it's actually pretty darn exciting to see these ships head out or come in. I noticed the-happy-guests wave a lot no matter which direction they're going, as they are super happy to arrive here at this wonderful beach town. Lotta people have it set up where they leave the cruise ship for a full week and do the Disney stuff and a little bit of the beach time.

I must explain this wonderful location, it's named grills seafood bar. It's fantastic for breakfast and all day long as a matter of fact. Seven days a week it's a very nice place for yummy food early, and that's when the cruise ships go out or come in sometimes. There's no telling for sure about the norwegian gem schedule. The waterways are very active so there's something going by smaller bigger medium or large. It's nice to see the boat captains go out with the fishing charters. They have half a day fishing trips out the ocean and full day, plus Shark Fishing. Don't forget about this wonderful restaurant. My favorite time is the Tuesday tacos. What a deal for three Florida Keys style tacos made tropical with blackened fish inside and shrimp.

The menu is great and I have to rave a little bit about those jalapeno poppers that are said to be made from some Mexican recipe. That's the perfect thing with cold Beer, a Mexican jalapeno poppers recipe with all kinds of good sauces to dip them in. You know you have to get some french fries and they have the sweet potato fries if you'd like to go that route. Eat it all from the surf and turf to the bacon wrapped scallops, which I would get during season. Make sure you ask about the grilled fish of the day that comes right off the docks. What a view and you get to see all the cruise ships come in and go, and up so close!
Richard T.

Grills Bar

505 Glen Cheek Drive
Cape Canaveral FL 32920

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