Accommodations for Cash Savings

Accommodations for Cash Savings

The rooms are so much better than the El Patio Motel. I first wanted to do a quick review, and look inside a room to validate this as an option. There are a zillion different styles of places to stay. We tend to do a lot of homework on the hotel before we will call for the credit card booking.

I'm sitting on my wine porch bar. The smell of salt from the ocean is in the air and the sun has just come up to greet us on this day. I am thinking it is going to be a good one at Mallory Square. Plan on plenty of good-pleasure-fun so go ahead and book the hotel!

I write to you this day from a dazzling sun soaked island, at the far end of the road in the Florida Keys. We picked a Super Hotel. It is a super place here to get just a few more inches closer to the ocean.
Misty U.

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I like our stay and would recommend it. There is a slight breeze that is just enough to put the palm fronds in slight motion as if dancing in unison. You will stay busy all the time in Key West and the hotel room is for the shower and crash time.

I do want to compain about the rv parking next to the hotel. Once again, the island oasis has an giant recreational vehicle parked illegally in the front of the property. Not only do they park illegally, people seem to be sleeping in it over night, as people come and go from the unit at all hours. It has been back here for two weeks so far this time. These people have does this many times in the past. Can this be stopped for good?

Tisha S.


1321 Simonton Street
Key West FL 33040

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