The tours are the best part of the space coast launch day trip. Eat before hand, as there are not many restaurants In the Area until you get to Cocoa Beach. It is a good three hours or much longer depending on your love of space flight!

The bus takes you to certain parts, since it is all spread out. This is perfect for people that have seen the space age grow up. Nasa is very isolated, and a great time for all ages.

See the main launch pad, behind-the-scenes, visitor complex, and some movies. The journey-cruising-machine is so neat inside the assembly building. Get a photo up close to the apollo saturn moon rocket.

For the first time, we finally got to visit nasa and were so impressed with the overall experience. It is great for kids and senior adults rave over nasa. Plan on at least three hours here, if you want to see it all.
Jed D.

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Historic Spacecraft

We loved nasa's photos of the planets, galaxies, and historic spacecraft. Do check the all new event schedule and they even have concerts now at Kennedy Space Center. Visiting Kennedy Space Center was excellent. They have done tons to make it a great day out. I was a bit surprised just how much the space center has improved over the years.

To me this is a good place for anybody that has a family with kids over about eight years old. I think the smaller kids don't get that much out of it except for seeing how big things are, and the probably knock and a remember a thing. Once your kid is in school and they are into science and technology, then that's the perfect time to come over here and enjoy this excellent exhibit.

This is where we stopped when we were Heading to the Beach. It's a good area to take advantage of the great waves and water sports play in Cocoa Beach.

Long R.

Kennedy Space Center

One State Road 405
Merritt Island FL 32899

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