Weekend Market

Weekend Market

Most people would probably think I'm a little silly but I get excited about the weekend market each and every time I go. I am hugely into all kinds of different fresh Vegetables and fruits, as my doctor for years has preached that to me and it works. It's really hard these days to get things like Brevard County black-eyed peas that are still in the pod fresh. Here at the Farmers Market it is no problem at all.

Whenever I get a Publix or the Walmart Vegetable Market, there are no black-eyed peas. It's that and way more, like fresh pole beans, fresh okra, even all kinds of fresh fish that they will slice up for you if you want things set up for your cooking methodology, like no fish-heads!

Maybe that's a big part of it is you just don't know what you're going to get, just like going to the local Italian Branos Italian Grill place we have down the street where I never know what to order because are so many good things.

I typically never spend more than twenty dollars in that includes of I bought something special like a hat or some t-shirts, plus my vegetable needs. Bean sprouts are great thing to get here because there fresh and you can taste it when you put it on salads and I put it in egg rolls, just like they do down the street.
Bill Z.

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Melbourne Market

What a great Flea Market deal center. Go here for the deals. That is right, presents have arrived, meaning two big boxes and one medium sized box. You have your fancy stuff for decorating and chilling on the patio.

It is good for the vegetable buying. We should try chef's corner, a Melbourne Beach market. This one looks good too and it is close to robburritos. It looks like Paesanos, only with Pizza.

I am going to make you some macaroni with cheese hot dogs, in honor of the mustard hotdog cafe in Melbourne! Blended is a funny movie with drew barrymore and adam sandler. See that some time, as I get it on hbo. Do know, that the beach trips are best and I am not going to quit my job and the chairs are going to go in my backyard, not in the everglades!

Tanya T.

Flea Market

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