Best Florida Fishing City

Best Florida Fishing City

People don't realize how cool Fishing can be if you are in a location that's very scenic. I thought this was one of the better things we did during our entire Florida Beach Vacation that went from Daytona Beach down to Vero Beach and we stayed at a few places in between. They say this is the best Florida Fishing city because of this park and the fact that you catch large fish and small ones. It is the large black drum fish that everybody likes to get but there's many other species which are easy to catch from the Pier or The Shoreline for that matter.

The first thing you need to figure out is whether you want to fish on the Pier off the shoreline because they are different. Getting a heavy fish up without it falling off is much harder to do from a Fishing Pier. A lot of the guys bring special nets which help them get a large fish up out of the water without it being able to flop around and easily drop back in for a huge disappointment. There are rocks to contend with as you reel in the fish but anything under five pounds is usually no problem to get up onto the Pier. What you catch of fish you have to identify the exact species and determine if it is of legal size, weights, and bag limits. Fishing bait is near by at or use frozen shrimp from Walmart.

The Florida marine patrol watches this nature park very carefully because are so much Fishing involved. You will see those guys walking around looking in your Fishing buckets and trying to identify anybody who's doing anything illegal. Definitely bring your cast net if you are good at that because there's always nice bait fish inside the channel if it's not too rough. There probably is no more important thing to do than be supersafe if you do anything abnormal. I've seen people go down in the water and fish and Surfing inside the channel. The boats even have a hard time some crazy weather days because the wind, the tide and the waves make it really tricky to get in and out of the intercoastal waterway.

Be sure to tour the entire park because it's huge. There's a big campground area and a lot of people take advantage of those opportunities. Camping on the shoreline is a special treat and really good in January, February, March and April or any of the cooler months of the year. The mosquitoes will come out in the summer and those no see them bugs. I would always keep some insect spray in your car when you're heading on a Florida Beach Vacation just in case.

We had fun here and can't say enough good things about the location. It's easy to get to from the other side of the state if you take highway sixty from St Petersburg over to Vero Beach and then head north to the park entrance. Sebastian Inlet is a one-of-a-kind Florida beach park and Fishing super place!
Joesph R.

Sebastian Inlet

9700 South A1A
Melbourne Beach FL 32951

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