Good Things to Do at Sunset

Good Things to Do at Sunset

Will soto does the highwire act and he is good with the show. You have to laugh at the crazy stuff that happens on the docks. Catching sticks that are on fire while being blindfolded is pretty tough to do. Everything that goes on at Mallory Square is g-rated mostly, do the family unit can go as well.

You can plan on having A good Time down here at the entertainment center, if you come with your smile on. The best way to get in a good mood for all the fun is to stop at Captain Tony's and get a couple of the drink specials of the day.

By far the best time of year to go out to Mallory Square and enjoy the festivities is during the summer when it doesn't get dark until around eight:forty five pm. A lot of people forget that there is a sunset afterglow, which remains bright and vividly beautiful for a good half hour or longer after the sun actually goes down the on the horizon.
Antwan U.

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Enjoy the Festivities

We enjoyed the afterglow sensation just as much as the pre-sunset festivities. Too funny is the Catman circus show. Kitty babies are back again. It makes a very high pitched sound, which would likely attract other animals. See the photo, and the little black object is a kitty.

Dwain C.

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