Beach Parking

Beach Parking

The best place for beach parking in Cocoa Beach is here at the city park. I like parking under a big shade tree and in the place where everything is safe right Along the Shoreline here. The Atlantic Ocean is absolutely lovely just to chill out even in your Beach Chairs.

Forget about staying out in the sand when you can get your feet in the water. Putting your beach chairs out in six inches of water is what you need to do to really get into this Atlantic Ocean pounding of waves. Don't go far out where your into the heavy surf, stay near the gentle part so that when the waves come in to really cool you off.

Never rush, just take in the ocean beauty and the wave sounds. Often I'm staying here for many hours, and that's why like Beach Parking where I can have shade above my car so it's cool when my beach days done. This park has bathrooms and outside showers and is just your typical wonderful Atlantic Ocean area park.

I've never had a problem getting parking here at all. This parking lot area is down about two miles from the big Pier sticking out over the ocean if you're looking on a map. We always have fun during the days Heading to the Beach and then it's Happy Hours in Cocoa Beach after we play in the waves. There's a good Rooftop Bar that is not too far away.
Gaylord H.

Lori Wilson Park

1500 North Atlantic Avenue
Cocoa Beach FL 32931
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