Here is an explanation on wifi versus ethernet when connecting a roku or other streaming media device. I first tried to use the latest greatest roku streaming stick and it worked decently well, but there were times that it stopped and started buffering. I have a fantastic internet connection via Charter Spectrum, and my router and roku stick are in the same room and only twenty feet apart.

It was not good enough, as you watch some show and the buffering screen comes up. I took the roku-stick back and got the new roku ultra with an ethernet connection. For only five dollars I picked up a twenty five foot length of cat5e ethernet cable and fired up roku.

I went back to a certain piece of video footage that did mega buffering and no buffering at all. Adding the cat-5 cable was the best thing for sure as now everything works like a charm, plus I love the voice search off the remote control. Ethernet, cat5e, is the winner of the wifi versus ethernet connection as far as I am concerned! Hope that helps others deal with Cable TV issues.
Raleigh J.

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Wired Versus Wifi

The roku wired versus wifi changed worked for me like a charm. The Mr Z's restaurant review that buffered so much, never buffers at all. Far there has been no buffering on anything, none, just good solid video like a direct connection Cable TV service. This problem is solved!

Phoebe U.

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