Great Locations for the Waterfront Views

Lobster tacos are very good, especially with your favorite hot sauce applied. Having a beach at the restaurant is really good for family types. You can let the kids run around a little bit and look for fish in the water, while the adults indulge in some fancy frozen cocktail drinks. You can seat yourself at the bar or, there's plenty of seating inside for when it's hot out. There's so many good popular destination restaurants for boaters to pick when you get hungry.

Having boat dockage is a good thing. Every time we come down to Islamorada the focus is on staying at a Boater Friendly resort so we can skip the car and use the boat to get cocktails. I guess conceivably you could throw your fishing pole in the water and stick it in one of those fish folders, and then head back to your table and continue eating. When you see your line is being tugged, just get up and maybe you've got something that's a keeper. I haven't tried fishing and eating at the same time yet, but this is the kind of place to do it!

in the area I do like the Midway Cafe and coffee bar and of course that Meat Eatery is new and terrific.
Wyatt H.

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Really Good Views

Which Bars Have the Really Good Views, here! Best to order off the drink menu is the Bahama Mama. The Florida Keys are really big into rum cocktails, which go smooth with the boater views.

This is one of the cutest little beach areas of all the Florida Keys. I really love having a beach bar right next to an area where the kids can swim. The water gets deeper extremely slowly, so you walk out and look down.

Jarod O.

Marker Eighty-eight

88000 Overseas Highway
Islamorada FL 33070

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