Every kid loves the fun here with all of the very fast rides. We go here and to Lowry Park, but Busch Gardens is better for teens and older children. This age group wants looping rides and inversions. Get your fill of the fast stuff and then go to the live music entertainment shows.

Kids will really like this sheikra and they have a Water Park if you'd like to go to that route. Roller coasters or waterslides is a nice thing to consider for weekend fun. Very well done, we really liked our day at Busch Gardens Tampa bay!

The best part was the sheikra ride, and the ice-show iceploration, just very creative, and you see that show at the moroccan theater. Great for children is Busch Gardens and Al Lopez Park, a nice City park for kids to play, by Tampa Stadium, right on the north side of the bucs home. Instead of Disney you can come here!
Clifton M.

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Going Straight Down

Thank goodness after the rides we can eat like a king. There is a market about two blocks away that has healthy salad recipes. You might want to try this one or make it at home. Rollin oats is part of the myriad of neat Tampa options for food within a mile of west Tampa! I can say that Shopper Lovers will enjoy this part of town and it takes about 15 minutes or less to hit the roller coaster rides!

Ken K.

Busch Gardens

10165 North McKinley Drive
Tampa FL 33612

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