Travel Trips to Mile Marker Zero

Different ways to get down to the City of Key West is excellent, and it breaks up the options for us in Southwest Florida. Taking the Key West Express worked out very nicely, just pick a really good time of year weather wise. You do not want bad weather and the views from the ship are so much better when the sun is shining bright and there is little cloud cover.

The islands are stunning in the vivid sunlight. The inside is nice and that is where you will be once you go away from the land. Air conditioned of course, and you can watch the flat screen tv's while you plan your events that start when you hit the port. Yes, try the ship when Planning Another weekend getaway.

I like the trips, we took one from Naples. It is a quick ride over and the views are nice when you hit the port. The boat comes in from the southside entrance, turning east and by Sunset Island. Nothing beats a Big Boat Ride to Key West.
Lynette K.

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Quickest Route to the Florida Keys

Planning your options for Quickest Route away from the Florida Keys! Did you hear the story about the guy that stole $17 million from his business, was last spotted on the Key West Express headed to Fort Myers. Yes, on a man hunt! What a story.

Once arrived, try Dion's Quik Mart for cheap Boat Fuel and the Key Lime Shop for eating. I love the water, so it was the best trip.

Ernesto T.

Ferry Express

100 Grinnell Street
Key West FL 33040

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